Theyssens NV General Data Processing Policy

Theyssens NV takes your data processing rights seriously. This document explains how Theyssens NV collects, processes, and uses your personal data. This therefore serves as the company’s general data protection policy. The data protection officer is Rudi Theyssens, R. Borremansstraat 14, 3040 Huldenberg. If you have any questions about this statement or our policy, please feel free to contact

For questions that go beyond a request for information, we may ask you to identify yourself so that we can be sure that we are providing the requested information and data to the correct person.



When and for what purposes does Theyssens NV collect and process data?


Theyssens NV collects and processes data about you when you, as a customer, utilise our services for work (new construction, renovation, etc.) or when you contact us in any other way. These activities are summarised under the heading ‘Customer Management’ and, in particular, concern the implementation of the projects that we conclude with you. If you are a supplier/subcontractor, we will process your data or those of your contact persons within the framework of the delivery of products or services, for the generic purpose of ‘supplier administration’. In this case, it is also possible for us to include your data in our work schedule, together with the data of our own employees. We also process your data, as a customer or as a supplier/subcontractor, when drawing up invoices and other accounting documents. This is for ‘accounting’ purposes. We may also contact you to provide you with information about the products and services of other companies of the Royal Crown Group, of which Theyssens NV is a member and of which an overview can be obtained on request via

Finally, we may process data about you because it is or may be important to our activities, for example to be able to request your advice or services. These activities are described as ‘communication’ or ‘public relations’.



What data does Theyssens NV collect and process?


It concerns the data that you give us and that we need for the implementation of the project for which you have commissioned us, such as your name, address, email address, and professional data, such as company name and VAT number, the data about your family composition, and all other data in that connection. Usually, you give us this information directly, but it is also possible that we may obtain this information from your architect or other parties with whom you work. The data may also relate to your interests in or plans for a future project. We may process certain data from suppliers/subcontractors in order to be able to plan the work properly. This concerns availability and presence, as well as the type of work. We process financial data for accounting purposes. Data about your position and activities are processed in the context of communication or public relations.



How does Theyssens NV collect your data?


We collect your data when you fill in (paper or electronic) forms for this purpose. Sometimes, this is done by means of a conversation, telephone contact, or email exchange.


Normally, we obtain this information directly from you. Sometimes, it may also be that we obtain them indirectly. This is the case with data on employees of suppliers/subcontractors that are active on our sites and that we obtain from the suppliers themselves. Also, we may obtain your data from third parties via direct marketing. We will then tell you where we got your data. When you visit our website, we use cookies; you can find more information about these in our cookie policy. We do this in particular to tailor the content and ease of use of that website as much as possible to you as a user of it. In addition, we process your data in order to comply with the obligations arising from the provision of a website and its content and to enable you to use the interactive applications and services on this website.


What are the principles for the processing of data by Theyssens NV?


In principle, we collect and process your data on the basis of the contractual relationship that we have with you as a result of your order and the contract that we conclude with you. This is also the basis for the processing of data on suppliers/subcontractors and for the processing of ‘accounting’. Where processing is not necessary to carry out the contractual relationship, such as in direct marketing and communication/public relations, it is based on our legitimate business interests, in particular freedom of enterprise and information. In doing so, we always ensure that there is a balance between our interests and yours, for example by granting you a right of opposition.



Will the data be communicated to third parties?


Your data is mainly processed internally for the purposes of customer management, supplier management, work planning, accounting, and communication/public relations by the service or person in charge of these activities. For certain punctual services or orders, they can be passed on to processors/suppliers/subcontractors that we work with, albeit always under our control. Sometimes, we are obliged to provide information about you. This is particularly the case if we are required to do so by law or if public authorities that are entitled to do so request this data from us. In that case, we will check whether the conditions for requesting data have been met.


In principle, your data will not be passed on to third countries or international organisations.



Your rights


You can view the data we process about you at any time and, if necessary, have it corrected or deleted. All you have to do is request it from the company, with proof of your identity. We ask you for this to prevent your data from being passed on to someone who is not entitled to it. If you do not agree with the way Theyssens NV processes your data, you can always submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel.





Theyssens NV reserves the right to change this statement and/or this policy. Changes will be reported to users via the website.